Yours: 68 legally compliant appointment letters at a click of a button...

Get them now to avoid a nasty surprise when the DoL comes knocking for a health and safety inspection...

Dear reader

You’ve appointed a fire marshal, first aider and HSE rep...

Now you can just tell them what they must do and be done with it, right?


There’s more to employee appointments than meets the eye.

There’s one more legal requirement you need to follow before you’re done...

And if you ignore it, you could face penalties of up to R50 000 and jail time of up to one year!

What is this requirement?

Issuing appointment letters...

It’s the most overlooked part of health and safety, but if you don’t issue your employees with appointment letters, you’ll have the DoL breathing down your neck!

But you can’t just Google generic appointment letters and issue it to your employees after all, appointment letters differ from job to job and they must be legally compliant too!

If you don’t issue the right one and something happens, your appointments won’t be seen as legal in court.

That’s where we can help!

We’ve asked Michele Bowmer, a registered Occupational Safety Professional with over 21 years of experience in the Occupational Health and Safety field, to compile a tool that’ll provide you with every legally compliant appointment letters your company needs.

And today, I want to share this tool with you so you can avoid facing hefty non-compliance penalties.
Yes, I want to discover how to
avoid non-compliance penalties

You’ll be fined up to R50 000 if you haven’t issued legally compliant appointment letters....

When the DoL comes to inspect you, they’ll go out of their way to check your SHE file and HR employee file to see if you’ve issued your employees with appointment letters...

If you have, they’ll take their inspection a step further to check if the appointment letters you’ve issued are 100% legally compliant with the OHS Act.

If you haven’t issued these letters or they’re not legal, they’ll fine you up to R50 000 on the spot!

Because Michele knows just how important legally compliant letters are and how much effort and time goes into creating them, she doesn’t want you to waste unnecessary time running around making sure your appointment letters are fully compliant.

She’s done it all for you!

You see, in the Health & Safety Advisor Michelle has compiled 18 Legally Compliant Health and Safety Appointment Letters to save you time and thousands of rands in non-compliance penalties when the DoL comes knocking...

Yes, I want to discover how to
avoid non-compliance penalties

Give your appointed employees 100% legally compliant appointment letters

All the hard work is done for you. For example, if you’ve appointed a First Aider, your appointment letter would look like this:
sample appointment letter example
All that’s left for you to do is add your company logo, (see arrow) in the section provided and add the relevant personal details in the section provided! Then get your employee to sign it and file the copy in your company records.

Just take a look at what one of our clients had to say about how easy it was for her to issue appointment letters to her employees:

“The Health & Safety Advisor took the hassle out of issuing appointment letters to my employees. All I had to do was print them,get my employees to sign and then file them for record purposes. Thank you for such a convenient and hassle-free tool.” A.K, Managing Director, Johannesburg

Have peace of mind knowing you’re fully compliant today...

Appointment letters information

The Appointment Letters in the Health & Safety Advisor will help you:

Everything you need to know about health and safety

The Health and Safety Advisor is a unique, handbook that will assist you with practical advice, solutions and tips to avoid costly penalties, prevent incidents before they happen and make sure you implement health and safety with minimal hassle and cost.

Why you can’t be without the Health and Safety Advisor:


Everything you need to know about health and safety.
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What our readers have to say

These are extracts from letters we’ve received from readers of our practical handbooks:

The Health and Safety Advisor help us reduce the amount of time required when doing incident investigations and simplified our ‘on-site’ registers.

C. Castle

We recently bought the Health and Safety Advisor and I have used it extensively to start up the health and safety in our company. I’ve use the Policy, letters, notes on committees and responsibilities. Well worth the money.

J. Thom

The book is of great value and has added a vast value to my safety system. It’s easy to use and is a foundation of information.

D. Venter

User friendly and informative. I have used it as a successfully to resolve smoking issues on the premises.

H. Blomerus

It assists me with my training presentations and it’s very handy with complete checklists.

C. Broekman

I am truly impressed. I’ve been using the tips given in newsletters at my SHE meetings.

C. Sieber


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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What’s included in Health and Safety Advisor?

Here is a sample of what you will find in your handbook:

About our experts

Meet the health and safety experts who contribute to Health and Safety Advisor

Christel Fouché
Christel is managing director of Advantage A.C.T. (Pty) Ltd and has been involved in this specialised industry for over 20 years, assisting with issues of health and safety in industry and mining. She completed her MBA in health and safety through the University of Southern Queensland, is an accredited trainer (1104 and 1105) with City & Guilds.

Wilna Louw-Malan (B. Cur, OH, ROSProf, F.IoSM, SAATCA HSE 002)
Wilna is the General Manager of Edwilo Risk Consultants, a health safety and environmental consultancy business. She is a registered Occupational Safety Professional, Assessor for OSHAP PDB, Deputy President of the Institute of Safety Management, and a registered HSE Systems Auditor. 

Ray Strydom
Ray is currently a SHE Risk Management Consultant (specialising in construction) and administrator for six professional OHS bodies. He owns his own safety consultancy, is Executive Director of Safety First Association and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Safety Management (IoSM).

Richard Swift Richard joined his father in the field of occupational health and safety eleven years ago. Within a few years, he had achieved a +95% average for risk management at three of his clients' operations, culminating in receiving an internal award of "best of the best" for the highest score within the group of companies. 

Nell Browne
A registered Occupational Health Practitioner, with 20 years experience in the occupational health and safety field. She has a Certificate in Medicine and Law (cum laude) and is registered with SAATCA as an OHSAS 18001 Senior auditor. She is registered with the ETDP SETA as a facilitator, assessor and moderator and regularly designs and presents OHS training. 

Sven Marcus
Sven is an Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner with over 19 years health care experience. She manages Wellness clinics for various companies. 

Stephanie Kruger
Stephanie is a registered occupational nurse practitioner, and started Soul Sister. Her aim is to integrate complementary health with allopathic medicine, by providing holistic care to the patient within the workplace, and assisting them in their own healing process. 

Michele Bowmer

Michele is a registered Occupational Safety Professional (ROSProF), and a Training Development Manager for IRCA Coastal (Pty) Ltd – South Eastern Division. She regularly conducts training for companies in Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay and Saldanha Bay.

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It includes:

Over 500 pages of definitions, legal regulations and useful advice that will guide you through all the health and safety laws and regulations.

26 Construction Regulation Checklists to ensure you're complying with all the laws;

41 Sample appointment letters and forms you need to kick start your SHE File;

All the templates, forms, checklists and inspection sheets you’ll ever need to ensure you're ready for any DoL inspection and remain 100% compliant with the OHS Act .

The Health and Safety Advisor Handbook is a full service health and safety consultancy you will use every day!


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You’ll get free copies of the OHS Act and COID Act on your Health and Safety Toolkit CD. Plus it includes 63 templates, checklists and appointment letters that you can use immediately in your business. (valued at R499)

Bonus #2: Free expert advice to solve your Health and Safety problems
You have access to a personalised Health and Safety Helpdesk service where a team of health and safety experts are available 24/7 to answer your specific questions.Simply log onto the and ask your specific health and safety question using the “Health and Safety Helpdesk” button. And Voila! One of the experts will assist you with a personalised answer. (valued at R1 000)

Bonus #3: Daily health and safety tips and advice straight to your Inbox
Every day you’ll get the Health and Safety Bulletin email newsletter. It’s packed with useful tips, reminders and expert advice to solve your daily health and safety problems. (valued at R450)

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7 Health and Safety Strategies (valued at R99)
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A Total Value of R3 139
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A Total Value of R3 139!

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The 500 page Health and Safety handbook valued at R695
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Bonus Gift 3: How to manage your PPE valued at R99
Bonus Gift 4: Risk Assessments valued at R99
Bonus Gift 5: Your guide to Health and Safety Budgets valued at R99

Total package worth R3 139. You only pay R795 (excl VAT and delivery). Save R2 344.

Stay safe,

Taryn Strugnell
Managing Editor: Workplace Safety

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